Important Reasons Why Children Need To Engage in Sports

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You’re probably debating on whether or not your child should participate in sports. In all honesty, there are many factors to consider when deciding. Of course, first and foremost, you must see to it that your child’s heart is also set on the decision regardless if it’s to join or not to join.

Bear in mind that in no way should you ever force your child to participate in sports activities. However, they may be ways in which you can encourage your child to join without putting too much pressure on their shoulders.

But is sports really necessary for your child’s development? As parents, many of you may be wondering about this. To answer this inquiry, we will present a couple of important points that answer the said question.

The Reasons

Generally, sports play a vital role in a person’s life especially that of a child’s and here’s why.

  • Health Benefits

In the chain of benefits, those pertaining to health are at the top. Understandably, playing sports is a form of exercise. Time and time again, studies have found significant correlations between exercise and health. It is well known that exercise helps in strengthening of bones, building up endurance, lowering risks of obesity, as well as lowering risks of cardiovascular diseases among many other health benefits. Thus, sports provide for a positive impact in your child’s life not just while they are young but even as they grow and develop.

  • Social Skills

Sports engagement is a great training ground for your child’s social skills. If your child is naturally shy, getting them engaged in sports games will help provide opportunities for your child to socialize, make friends, and determine how to work with a team. This impact does not only affect your child today, it could also be a crucial factor that may affect how your child’s socialization skills will be in the future.

  • Self-Esteem

Sports also has a great impact on the child’s self-esteem. Those kids who participate in sports may often get encouragements and appraisals from parents, coaches, and even from his/her own teammates; this helps build confidence which may eventually be carried over as the child grows older. Furthermore, sports engagement also exposes children to constructive criticism at an early age; hence, they will not anymore be surprised if they may receive any criticism when they’re older.

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  • Life Lessons

In sports, children are able to learn the importance of teamwork as well as understand the essence of sportsmanship. They will also learn about the group dynamics of a team or a social circle. Simply put, kids will learn many life lessons by just participating in sports.

  • Academic Success

There have been links on academic success and sports engagement. Basically, the principle underlying this contention is the notion that a child’s or a person’s dedication, patience, and hard work in sports easily translates into their academic attitude and habits as well which, in turn, leads to greater success in school.

The Bottom Line

As parents, you must, therefore, encourage your kids to participate in sports activities whether in school or outside of it. However, you should also not pressure your child into joining sports or in cases wherein your kids are already into sports, you should not pressure your child when it comes to winning. Don’t just throw a victory party for your child‘s first win, throw a party for your child’s first game regardless of the outcome.  Always uphold positive side of even when it comes to a loss. 

Moreover, it’s very important that you also provide your child the necessary support. For instance, if your child is into hockey, you can to to check out the best skate options for your kid or if your child is into tennis, you should orient yourself as to which racket may be best for your kid. Again, there are many other ways to show support. Even by simply attending games or bringing them to their practice sessions, you are already showing them support.

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