How to Prepare for the Next Christmas All Year Long

how to decorate for christmas

Christmas is one the most special occasions we celebrate every year. Many of us spend Christmas eve or Christmas day with family and friends, hence, as much as possible, we just want everything to go perfectly during that occasion. Unfortunately, most of us love to procrastinate. That being said, we love to prepare whenever it’s only just a month or a few weeks away from the actual Christmas day. This is definitely what contributes to why some of what we prepared for the occasion do not really work.

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that preparation for the next Christmas should not be rushed. Why rush it in a month when you can plan it all year long? Here’s how you can do this.

Review and Take Notes

What better way to improve next year’s Christmas day than to reflect on last year’s event. Try to do a review of what went on last time. Take note of the things that worked and did not work. Do this to make improvements in your gift list, in your theme, your decors or perhaps your lights. For instance, if traditional Christmas lights caused a commotion, like fire, in the house, you might want to take a look into laser lights for next year instead. (Yes, laser lights for Christmas do exist and you can check them out at Laser Light Bros.)

Make a Christmas Board

This is perfect for those who take their Christmas preparation very seriously. A Christmas board is a place for planning and putting in all your ideas for the next holiday. Usually, a Christmas board would be an actual cork board wherein you pin cut-out magazine pages for inspiration.

Today, with the help of smartphone applications such as Pinterest, you don’t need an actual board because you have a virtual one instead. You can browse through Pinterest and google to grab pictures and pin it on your board for inspiration. This is definitely perfect for themes, decor ideas, lighting ideas, etc.

Christmas dinner design

Start a Gift List

If you forgot to buy gifts for a bunch of friends and relatives last year, please don’t repeat that mistake. Christmas is a time for everyone to feel loved, well-thought of, and not forgotten. So as early as January, you might want to start a gift list. Along the months, you’ll be able to observe what your family and friends might just be interested in receiving as a gift by the end of the year.

Sift Through Decors

Surely, you have so much Christmas items and decors rotting away in your storage room. Perhaps, it’s time to look into those boxes and see if some things are better thrown away than kept. It’s better to do this when you already have next year’s Christmas colors and themes all planned out.

While sifting through your boxes of Christmas items, you will want to set aside those which can be used for next year. Place them in a specially marked box for easier when access when you start decorating your home for Christmas.

In the End

It all boils down to taking time and exerting effort into the preparation. And don’t forget to choose the menu wisely as well. As for the sweets, you might want to be extra careful especially when it comes to the kids; you might just end up needing to go to the dentist after a night’s worth of Christmas candies and chocolates.


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