Divorce Matters: What Happens To The Family Home?

who gets the house in divorce

The family home, the place where the family resides, is also greatly affected when divorce matters ensue. This abode loses its main function which is to house the family once the spouses undergo a divorce case. That said, questions arise as to who gets the property or whether or not, the said property should be sold.

Whether you are the husband or the wife or the guilty spouse or the innocent one, there are certain things you have to ponder upon as you decide what will happen to your home. It is best to avoid making rash decisions or making decisions at the height of emotions especially when these decisions involve properties such as the family home.

Think hard about your options, remember that it is not only your decision that will be considered and you must also take into account the things mentioned below.

Housing Options

Take a thorough look at the housing options available for you in the event that the family home is not awarded to you or is sold. It is extremely important for you to check on the important factors that may affect your purchasing decision; these factors may include the affordability of the home, the price range, the location, the size, etc.

The Finances

Be realistic when it comes to finances. You have to realize that divorce means the termination of marriage; more or less, it means that you will have to be handling the finances alone. In some cases, it is even possible that the spouses will not receive support from each other even when it comes to the finances of the children.

That said, you have to take into account the finances as a whole and not just by parts. You will not only be spending for the new home, you will also have to consider your  the educational costs for your children, the utility bills, as well as your everyday expenses.

how to divide properties during divorce

Selling the House

Consider the idea of selling the house. Like every decision, it is best for you to do a cost and benefit analysis to determine the advantages and disadvantages of selling the house. Weigh the pros and cons before even coming up with a final decision.

Is the house worthy to be sold? Will it really bring in more benefits? Are the benefits considered long-term or are they just short-term? Is selling the property the best decision today and even tomorrow? These are some of the questions you need to think about in order to come up with the best decision.

Legal Help

Consider asking for legal help when it comes to the properties especially if there are more properties than just the family home. It may be best for you to consult a Bastrop County divorce lawyer or a family lawyer in order to hear their opinion as to what should be done to the property. You may also have your home appraised so as to have an idea on how much your home is valued in the market.


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